October Company Trays

Do you have any two-tier Jewel Tray options?

Yes, we have two, two tier sliding velvet Jewel Tray options available.

How deep does my drawer need to be to accommodate a two tier Jewel Tray?

Drawer depth must be a minimum of 4".

When placing an order will you need my outside drawer dimension or inside drawer dimension?

We will need to know the ID of your drawer.

What type of material are the trays made of?

All trays are made with fabric wrapped 3/8" thick particleboard.

What type of fabric are your Jewel Trays made of?

All our Jewel Trays are made with Velvet.

Are the trays CARB Phase 2 compliant?

Yes, all trays are CARB Phase 2 compliant.

What colors are your Jewel Trays?

Standard colors are Black, Maroon, Blue, Teal Green, Sterling Grey, Rose, Violet and Caribbean Blue.

What is the standard height of the Jewel Trays?

Jewel Trays come in a standard height of 2".

Do you have standard size Jewel Trays?

Yes, 15" x 12" x 2" with layout #2 and 22" x 12 ¾" x 2" with layout #1.

Do you have standard layouts for your Jewel Trays?

Yes, we have 12 standard layouts. Please refer to the Jewel Tray layout section or we can fax or e-mail you the layouts.

Can I get custom size Jewelry Trays?

Yes, 12 pre-designed layouts are available to maximize size customization options.

What are your divider thicknesses?

Divider thickness is 7/16".

What is your minimum order if I want to have a custom layout for my Jewelry Tray?

Custom layouts for Jewelry Trays require a 25 piece minimum.

What type of fabric are your anti-tarnish cutlery trays made of?

You have 2 fabrics to choose from, Pacific Silvercloth®, the premier anti-tarnish fabric or Guardian Cloth®, an economical alternative to Pacific Silvercloth®.

Typically, how much less are Guardian Cloth® cutlery trays versus Pacific Silvercloth® cutlery trays?

Typically, production quantity Guardian Cloth® Trays are 20%-25% less than Pacific Silvercloth® trays.

Does Pacific Silvercloth® come in any other color besides brown?

No, it does not.

How long does the anti-tarnish protection last?

While there is no specific time guarantee we have found that the fabric offers anti-tarnish protection for a minimum of 25 years.

Can I get a custom layout for my cutlery tray?

No, layouts are determined by the size of the tray.

How do I know how many spoons or forks will fit into each slot?

On average, each slot will hold 10-12 forks and or spoons.

How can I pay for my Order?

We accept MasterCard and Visa.